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My hubby made the decision in November to say YES to seminary.  This decision which was months years in the making was finally was made over God’s word.  We were set to go, just waiting to see where God would have us go.  So, fast forward to January 1st and a positive pregnancy test later and here we are again, questioning where God has us as a family.  But now what?  Pursue distance education? Look for a new career?  What about our dreams of overseas missions?

With the hormones of a new pregnancy came a torrent of emotions .  It has now been almost two months and I am going for our first ultrasound today.  God has given me a peace (most days) about staying, about baby #3, about His plan for our lives and not ours.  He has been growing us for sure, not only in number but in our reliance upon Him as well, preparing us to be a people who follow hard after Him.

I said God is growing our family in interesting ways.  Not only am I expecting, but both of my sister-in-law’s are expecting as well.  So, come August, Lord willing, we will have three new babies in our midst to cuddle and love.  But all of these babies (our 3 plus 7 other friends that are pregnant!)have led to lots of dreaming, planning and a little making of this and that.

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